Anwar: Mark Nov 28 on your Calendars

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim today said that "something big" will be happening on November 28, but declined to elaborate further.When pressed by reporters, Anwar merely said "You'll see". Then he giggled and ran away.

Fitness First Reports Mass Conversions to Hinduism

Kuala Lumpur, Sunday - Fitness First branches throughout the country today reported an alarming rate of conversions to Hinduism, especially among its Yoga students.
A Fitness First instructor, who only wished to be known as Nora, said that even though the students consist of people from various races and religions, they have all "somehow found Hindusim".
"We suspect the breathing techniques," she said.
Meanwhile in a separate incident, there was commotion in a Celebrity Fitness gym today, when Yoga practitioners stopped maintenance-staff from removing a treadmill.
A Celebrity Fitness instructor who declined to be named said the the Yoga students had declared the treadmill as a "Holy Treadmill" even though the treadmill belonged to the gym.