Kamarul: Spork Ban Nothing To Do With Pork

Kota Bharu, Tuesday - A spokesman for the PAS-led Kelantan State Government today denied that the state government's ban on spork had anything to do with the fact that it contains the word "pork" in it.
PAS Spokesman Kamarul Yunos said this after a protest led by the DAP almost turned unruly yesterday.
"Allegations that we have banned spork because it contains the word pork in it are totally untrue," he said.
He further explained that the reason for the ban was because spork was considered "a transvestite utensil".
"Either it's a spoon or it's a fork," he said. "It can't be both."


Anonymous said...

What a stupid excuse to band spork. PAS people don't have to use it if they don't want to.

A reflection of the attitude of PAS people in general ?.

gayah gedik said...

lol! wicked stuff dude.

Anonymous said...

I like a good sporking once in a while.

Sans said...

Doesn't anyone even use a spork?