Mystery Machine Unveils True Identity of Teresa Kok

Kuala Lumpur, Wednesday - Special Investigative team Mystery Machine revealed today that Seputeh MP Teresa Kok is, in fact...Lee Kuan Yew.
When asked what had given her away, team spokesman Shaggy said that her constant lawsuits against Utusan Malaysia was the first clue.
Shaggy denied Kok/Kuan Yew's claim that they were taking revenge on her/him because of her/his constant reference to team member Scooby-doo's favourite Scooby Snacks as "prison food".
In a statement issued through their lawyer, Kok/Kuan Yew said that they would have gotten away with it "if not for those meddling kids and that pesky dog" and vowed to get her/his revenge "if it's the last thing I ever do".
In a separate but related incident, cerpenist Chamil Wariya denied widespread rumours that he is actually Velma.


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Hahaha! It's quite funny. And believable!