Teresa Kok Sues Utusan Again

Petaling Jaya, Thursday - Seputeh MP Teresa Kok continued with her suing spree today, this time filing a multi-million ringgit suit against the two characters in Utusan Malaysia's Senyum Kambing comic.
Kok's lawyer, some Indian guy, accused the two cartoon characters of "inciting stupidity" among Malaysians. He said that the cartoon had never, ever managed to be funny or insightful and that they were extremely annoying "especially the rabbit-toothed guy".
While Kok's previous lawsuits against Utusan had divided civil society, with some prominent bloggers claiming it was against freedom of speech, there was no such outcry this time, with everyone pretty much unanimous in the opinion that the comic was, and has always been, stupid.
The two characters, when contacted, had no comment, which everyone agrees is just as well.

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